Herb garden at Greenbank FarmThe other day, I walked the trails located on the Greenbank Farm grounds then ended up over in the herb garden to sketch the lovely lavendar, heather, ornamental onions and roses that are blooming in the one section of the garden. The garden is south of the red buildings and duck pond.. It was a lovely warm morning but I had to sketch fast before the direct sun rays became too hot and uncomfortable for sketching.


5 thoughts on “The Herb Garden at Greenbank Farm

  1. Paula, thank you. Sometimes when there is a short time period to do an out doors sketch, it is quicker and easier to spend time on the subject matter and then do the back ground in pen/ink..


  2. That was so sweet of you!
    no one has shared a beginning with me, so I appreciate your doing so….
    I will do just that…!
    Thank you for your kind words ..they make me smile….
    Take Care…


  3. Maryrose: Thank you for your kind thoughts. My advice to you for your learning process with watercolors is start out with simple easy compositions; paint objects and shapes you like and are familiar with; paint every day even if it’s for 30 minutes; keep a pencil and small sketchbook with you for sketching quick scenes or objects when the opportunity occurs. Let the colors flow with water. Be sure to have fun. Painting is a forever learning experience.

    You are very poetic in your expression.



  4. what an incredible gift you have..!
    I am so glad I stumble in…
    you have a wonderful soft voice inside your art…
    I will enjoy wandering in …..I have been trying to learn to do watercolors…
    *sigh* someday I’ll have something presentable …
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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