At the beginning of my daily  walk I usually pass by my neighbor’s property before heading out on my journey.   This is an interesting and fun part of my walk because I always look for the poor lonely scary spider with the bulging eyes hiding under the large cedar trees.  I imagine that it is either shy trying to be unnoticed behind and underneath the tall dark trees or it’s waiting for the opportunity to pounce on its prey as it passes by.

The talented neighbors who created the wonderful spider both work with wood, one a sculptor, the other a wood turner.  The spider has its own shape from an old stump about three feet high and four feet in diameter.  The bark is rough and gnarly with deep fissures along the sides and underneath.   They added eight legs and four stumps that hold up the spider’s weight about one half feet above the ground.  The best part of this dark scary spider is the large bulging eyes that hang freely in their sockets from an attached wire at the top of the socket causing the eye balls to move in the wind.    I hope this scary spider decides to stay.



4 thoughts on “The Lonely Scary Spider in the Forest

  1. Paula, even when the spider finally deteriorates over the years, it will be remain in my sketchbook. In the meantime, I will have fun sketching and creating imaginary stories about the spider next door. It is well loved by my three grandchildren.


  2. Of course the scary spider will stay. He (or she) loves to be admired. Now he is even boasting to insignificant tiny spiders that he made it to your sketchbook and blog.


  3. Thanks, Judi. You have to see it this scary spider in the real. Let me know when you want to stop by and I’ll walk you over to the neighbor’s. Bring your camera or sketchbook.


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