The sun was rising above the Cascade mountain range with its warm golden rays shining on Saratoga Passage creating eye catching flashing sparkles on the water.   The wetland acres on the Greenbank Farm form a small delta with cattails, tall grasses, willow trees and shrub surrounding the waterway.   It is scenic and a wonderful healthy environment for bird and animal wildlife.  In the fall the willow shrub turns a beautiful golden color and the willow trees start changing color.   Also, the grasses and cattails turn burnish gold; the whole area glows with color.

I walked along North Bluff road near the pond  at the start of the Greenbank to Wanamaker road six mile walk.   I was admiring the beauty of the pond when I suddenly spotted a great blue heron standing on a post protruding from the middle of the pond.  I stopped to observe its behavior and then I noticed several other herons standing in the tall grasses near by.  I searched the area in the distance and spotted several more standing on post or at the edge of the pond.   They were all very quiet and still patiently waiting for the smallest movement in the water for their next meal.   It was a thrill to see so many in one area; it was a special treat to happen at the beginning of the long walk ahead of me.

Great Blue Heron at Grnbank


2 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons on the Greenbank Farm Pond

  1. Paula, you are so lucky to have the Spoonbills in your area; I’d love to see a live one. The National Audubon Society has a large photo of a Roseate Spoonbill in their calendar for the month of June. Both underwings and body are a beautiful pink. The Roseate Spoonbills are seen in the Southeast along the shores of Florida and gulf states. They do not live in the northwestern states.

    It is a pleasure to observed the activity of wild animals and birds. One can have fun learning about living creatures.


  2. Lois, I understand why you felt enchanted by this pond. Last week I saw a pool next to our Dutch river ‘the Lek’ with at least 7 Eurasian Spoonbills. They looked so beautifully white as they calmly enjoyed the sun and the pond.
    The low sun reflected in the water of your pond is very well done.


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