Ten Miles in One Day

I spent some time the other day working on the watercolor journal of my Whidbey Walk Challenge doing sketches from the photos I snapped along the way and did a map of the route I walked.

Saratoga Passage is on the east side of Whidbey Island with Penn Cove angling off the passage into the island. It’s serene and lovely giving views of Mt Baker and the Cascades. Two of my sketches include a view of Penn Cove from Madronna Lane that follows the cove into Coupeville. The road is lined with beautiful madronna trees with views of the cove between the trees and its branches.

Along this road is an old apple tree with a few left over apples from summer just dangling off the scraggly branches waiting for deer or other wildlife to munch them. The color in the apples are blushes of orange/red/yellow. I spotted bright red mushrooms with white spots on the tops growing from a large patch of brown decayed leaves on the ground. The textures and colors were lovely so I included them in the journal.

The walk turned out a longer distance then I had anticipated (10 miles) and by the time I reached the planned destination where I was able to catch the transit for my return back to the south end of the island, my feet, legs, shoulders were so tired and sore I practically crawled into the bus. The driver was concerned I might need assistance getting up the steps. Thirty minutes later when it reached my return destination I had regained my strength and gracefully walked off the bus.

It was a rememberable journey with lots of scenes and stories to record in my journal


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