Caught in the Rain

Half way through an early morning three mile walk a heavy rainfall surprised me as I walked under the canopy of the alder tree branches along a forested road not far from my house. I heard a loud metal noise but could not identify it or from where it came. The forest became darker and I began to feel raindrops around me so I reached out to feel if it was raining. Sure enough it was pouring and I had not prepared for rain on this morning outdoor activity. So I found protection cover for a while under some alder tree branches covered with leaves. It helped keep me dry but I had another mile and half to walk back home so I ventured out to the opening and entered another road for my return home. There was no cover and I was getting wetter by the minute. In the distance I saw my dear husband driving up the road to rescue me knowing that I was out in the elements without an umbrella, phone or raincoat. So grateful.


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