Scenes along the seven mile walk to Glendale Beach

Yesterday was sunny, warm and full of brilliant colors making it a perfect day for a seven mile walk to observe natures beauty. These small sketches capture some of the objects that I have seen on the local farms and fields for many years. The rushing Glendale creek is heading to Puget Sound where it will empty its waters and give entry for the returning wild salmon in the fall.


2 thoughts on “Scenes along the seven mile walk to Glendale Beach

  1. Thanks, Paula. The sepia is walnut ink. I use it when I want a soft subtle color added to my sketching page for variety. The walk through this area is lovely with old farm buildings and lots of fields with long grass and old pieces of farm equipment. The Glendale creek follows the road down through the steep ravine and finally spills into the Puget Sound. Returning salmon struggle to get to the top of this creek to lay their eggs in the fall and then die.


  2. How well chosen to use only sepia for the left over hay thrasher remains; it looks melancholic, though it offers shade and safety for birds and bunnies.

    The farmhouse and creek look vibrant and full of life.

    I have enjoyed your journal with drawings.


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