Monarch Rhododendron blossom

Our huge Monarch rhody is starting to develop healthy large buds. The blossoms will soon get larger and open up forming beautiful crowns on long stems.


3 thoughts on “Monarch Rhododendron blossom

  1. Hi, Lois! I didn’t know you had started a new blog, that is, till this morning, when I found the same floral painting of your Monarch Buds on your older blog. Good luck with your new blog. It will work out: step-by-step.
    I wish you and your daughter happy Mother’s Day celebrations.


  2. Paula: My name is Lois Mathews; I live on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA. I have another blog: SceneonWhidbey through Google and decided to show my artwork through another internet blog source since I am not pleased with some of Google’s practices. I have been following your blog for sometime and enjoy your art history info and your paintings of flowers. I was not aware that you belong to WordPress; I’m still in the process of trying to figure how to use each of these blogs to display my art….very complicated.

    The Monarch buds are in full bloom since I sketched the large bud. The sketch was done as a Mother’s Day card for my daughter who is a single mother with three young children. She needs to celebrate her gifts.


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